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Jan. 20th, 2018 12:00 pm
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Did you notice it's the Lecture Room's birthday? We did! So to celebrate we're putting up a rec list, to prove that- yes- we really do love fanfics.

Fandom: Calvin & Hobbes
Title: Reminiscence (link)
Author: Kenya Starflight (link)
Summary: Calvin is all grown up... how has the passage of time affected him and those around him? My first nonStar Wars fic!

Praise: This is the closest to a 'perfect' fanfic I can think of. It may be short but it covers everything a good fic has: builds off its source material, respects every character, even has some heart-wrenching drama but with a satisfactory and happy ending! Out of everything on this list, this is the fic you have to read. It's well worth it.

Fandom: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Title: Metereology (link)
Author: SasukeBlade (link)
Summary: Surdather didn't plan on caring for his comrades, didn't plan on needing them, but over the course of a decade something changed. He grew to love them. In the end, that only made it harder.

Praise: Ah, our FFCC bias makes itself well known once again. While this fic does have endgame spoilers, as long-time fans of the game we can tell you you're not really spoiling anything on yourself if you just skim the wikipedia article; it's appeal is more in its world than its story. I say go ahead and familiarize yourself with the setup for this game world because this fic is so good! Much like 'Reminiscence', it's a oneshot but pretty much as perfect as it could possibly be. And by 'perfect', I mean 'absolutely soul-crushing'. The story is pure tragedy of the 'bittersweet' flavour, but I admire how it was able to make me care for these characters in such a short amount of time and damn does it hurt when you see where their stories end. This author has a lot of other great stories too, but the tale of Sur and his friends is the one that will stay with me the longest.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Title: Binary (link)
Author: Lforevermore (link)
Summary: It all starts with a motorcycle accident, a missing blond, and a stolen computer disc. Detective!fic, featuring Riku/Sora and Axel/Roxas among various other scattered pairings.

Praise: This is a funny rec to me, because this fic seems to cover a lot of our usual pet peeves seen in badfic (the most obvious being "pairings overload"; you might have guessed by now we're not big into pairings in this franchise), but this one has a certain special something that works. Especially its wit; I mean, how can you not love a story that contains the line "The cleaning fairy kicked your ass"?

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Title: Boys (link) (link)
Author: Casey V. (link)
Summary: It's about growing up, mostly. Sometimes it's about love and sometimes it's about friendship. Sometimes it's about hockey. But sometimes it's about what's real and what's fake, between being a boy and being a man.

Praise: This gets recced a lot, so probably isn't worth mentioning since everyone's read it already, but I can't help it, it's the high school story I've always wanted to read. Characters' personalities and relationships are kept intact enough so I can see why this is KH fanfiction, (ie. Riku's penchant for jumping to conclusions and believing that to be the truth) and its also just a plain good coming of age story.

Fandom: Bioshock
Title: Batya (link) (link)
Author: grandSolovey (link)
Summary: Andrew Ryan discovers the existence of his son much earlier than Fontaine had intended, and the course of Rapture's history is irreversibly redirected. But for each altered variable, some constants yet remain unchanged.

Praise: This fic gets something that most other Bioshock stories (not even the official novel) don't: the city of Rapture, above all, is the true main character. Even if the setting didn't have that built-in tragic fall to it, this would still be a good story that handles its plot-changes-from-source-material well, but that extra atmosphere is the best. It's like the most delicious icing on top of an already yummy cake. Also, my sweet baby Diane gets plenty of screentime. (I'm biased, I don't care.)

Fandom: Persona 4
Title: Sympathy Crime (link)
Author: sodomquake [they seem to have disappeared off the face of the internet, so no links :(]
Summary: I swear this had an AO3 entry but can't find it so there isn't an authoritative summary of this beyond "Adachi/Yosuke in a very bad relationship, and some less bad Souji/Yosuke on the sidelines."

Praise: This is kind of the go-to fic to prove I can like stuff that takes a series and puts a grimmer spin on it, because it gets really dark but is really good. Essentially, it's about how Yosuke and Adachi strike up a relationship during the summer, and we watch as things spiral out of control from there. I'm so glad I happened to come across this on the kink meme while bored one day, because it does a good job at showing how abusive relationships come to be, and the moments of the rest of the Investigation Team made me so happy.

Fandom: Persona 3
Title: Holding Patterns (link)
Author: Stealth_Noodle (link)
Summary: Bros come through for each other, even when that means spending an increasingly melancholy afternoon with an overprotective robot. Junpei's December is off to a weird start.

Praise: Emotional FeMC/Ryoji and FeMC/Junpei friendship with in-character angst and humour? Hell yeah, I'm all over that!

Fandom: The Guardians of Childhood/Rise of the Guardians
Title: Things That Were (link)
Author: Lindzzz (link)
Summary: The Guardians had thought they had finally found a way to rid themselves of Pitch Black. And they did. They just didn't expect to be left with the shattered remains of Kozmotis Pitchiner afterwards.

Praise: A Kozmotis fic that doesn't make me hate the fandom and the world they live in? Clearly a miracle has graced my undeserving soul!

More to come over time!
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