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Title: Kingdom Hearts Story of Evil
Author: WolfHearts14
Rating: Two would normally cover the beige prose, improper punctuation, and bland emotions, but the last chapter alone warrants another point to cover plain ol’ nonsense.
Full Name (including any titles): Zexia (Member #XV, the Rose of the Prince)
Full Species(es): Royal twins, then Nobodies… or replicas… or reborn souls… or something.
Hair Color (include adjectives): Slate-blue, later long black (then back again).
Eye Color (include adjectives): Sapphire-blue, later black (and back again!).
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: The ability to change yourself through the POWER OF SONG sure counts.
Special Possessions (if any): A horse, a jewel-encrusted dagger, and the most over-the-top Nobody weapon I think I’ll ever see. There’s no concise way to describe that thing.

Origin: Reincarnated Vocaloids.
Connections To Canon Characters: Drank a magical potion. No, really, that’s this fic’s excuse for tying this into game continuity.
Special Abilities: Poor memory, it seems.
Other Annoying Traits: The usual fangirl treatment of Zexion (meaning they make him into whatever they want), aside from that everyone’s too boring to be annoying. Even when inside character's thoughts they don't have much personality or insight.

I Say/Notes: Technically speaking this is a crossover but you don’t need to know the original content to follow this story. (Actually, knowing the original somehow causes this all to make less sense.) You may miss a few Vocaloid references but aside from that this fic has plenty of its own original silliness to still be entertaining.

(Another day, another job for the lecture room flunkies. For today, the Days trio has been called in.)
Axel: I thought we were done with this room forever. Haven't we suffered enough?
Mog: But I felt bad that we cut the last story short so I went and found another crossover fic featuring a princess to continue the fun! Have any of you heard of the Story of Evil?
Axel: Is that what they're calling badfics these days?
Roxas: No, wait, I think I know of this. Isn't that a series of Vocaloid songs by mothy?
Mog: Sure is!
Xion: That could be fun. Tragedy, misunderstandings, vengeance, evil monarchs, unrequited romance, mistaken identities, loads and loads of death... What's not to love?

Chapter 1 the Prince and Servant of Evil

(Zexia POV)

Axel: Is this Rule 63 Zexion?
Mog: Nope, it’s an original character.
Axel: … So this is a lazy crossover, glorified songfic, and a Mary Sue fic?
Mog: The Sue traits don’t come into play 'til the last chapter buuuuuut… Yeah, more or less.

"Eight…Nine…Ten! Ready or not, here I come Zexion," I said.

We're just a pair of kids, more actually royal twins.

Xion: You’d still be kids. One of those nouns doesn’t automatically cancel out the other.

My name is Zexia and my brother Zexion.

Axel: Meet their parents, Mom and Mooom!

We both have slate-blue hair covering most of the right side of our face and blue eyes. We spent our childhood together. I found him this time in meadows near the castle surrounded by many flowers.

Roxas: (as Zexia) I found him in the midst of an anime opening in the making.
Xion: Now all we need is a pan-up to the sky with a lens flare or a rainbow to complete the picture.

"Oh come on Zexion just try a little harder!" I said.

"Then you would lose me then," Zexion said.

Axel: I thought that was the point?
Roxas: (as Zexion) Go away, OC sister! No one likes you!

"How could I, we're twins, I could never lose you," I said with a warm smile.

Xion: That’s… not how anything works.
Roxas: True fact, twins are magnetically connected.

"Of course, oh here, for you," Zexion said placing on my head a small coronet of flowers similar to the one on his head, "always the princess."

"Thank you Zexion!" I said and we went home, finding our mom enraged by this.

Xion: (as mom) You're not my children, stop coming back here! Scoot!

"My dear Zexion, who would put such horrid weeds on you?" mom asked.

"But mother, I made it myself," Zexion said.

"No need to admit what she has done, its okay my dear," mom said.

Father never really seemed to mind her favoritism, but sometimes I just couldn't handle it myself. I just wanted to be with my brother, I just wanted some of the happiness I could have with my twin.

Today was the usual spaghetti dinner,

Axel: Wha- mere spaghetti? You’re monarchs! You should be eating swans, endangered species, fine fruits acquired through horribly mistreated slave labour!
Roxas: …You have a messed up idea about royalty.

I was happy for it and well, I made one little mistake. I slurped my spaghetti and well, Zexion copied me.

Axel: (as Zexion) Ooh, maybe this will piss Mom off again!

"Zexion! Don't do that, how you are following a bad influence!" mom said.

Roxas: (as Zexion) Now tell me how much you love me, Mummy!

"Come on dear, their just kids, let them have fun," father said.

"I won't have her as a bad influence to my son, even if they are just kids," mom said.

Xion: (as mother) Etiquette is still important.
Axel: (as father) But look at how cuuuuuuuuute they are! Screw the rules!

Father had carried me back to my room after dinner.

"Look your mother loves you…it's just, she loves Zexion more," Father said.

Xion: (as father) Look, you’re a mistake that no one ever wanted. Does that make you feel better?

"Would that explain the many times she tried to kill me?" I asked.


Axel: *snerk*
Roxas: At least he’s honest.
Xion: (as Zexia) Mom's favoritism mildly bummed me out. The attempted murder actually cheered me up!

that could explain her love, just remember I will be there for you," Father said.

Roxas: (as father) I know your mother's horribly abusive and obviously a danger to you, but don't worry. She sort of loves you!
Axel: This mom makes Mother Gothel look like Mother Theresa.

But sadly, after a few weeks, Father passed away;

Roxas: (as Zexia) But I always knew Dad never kept his promises, so not a lot of tears were shed.

I was somewhat relieved that he chose Ansem the Wise to watch over me but mom was a horrible leader.

Xion: (as Zexia) I'd say now's a prime age for running off to the woods to lie low with some plucky fellow countrymen for years and plan how I can usurp the evil ruler when Mom least expects it. A bit cliche, but wonderfully dramatic!

(Normal POV)

Roxas: Okay, I know this is nitpicking but it’s super annoying when fics do this. The ever switching first-person point-of-view isn't great on its own but going to third-person defeats the entire purpose. Just keep it in third if you’re going to do that.

"Zexia," Ansem the Wise said, "Marluxia and Larxene are here for you, to take you to study."

Axel: Ah yes, the best babysitters in the kingdom.

"What?" Zexia asked.

Xion: I think “Uh oh” would be a more appropriate response.

"Yes," Ansem said,

Axel: (as Zexia) That doesn’t answer my question, old man!

"you're studies will help you."

"But…but what about Zexion?" Zexia asked.

"He needs to stay here," Ansem said, "and fulfill his duties as the Prince of Radiant Garden."

"No, I'm staying here with my brother," Zexia said.

"Suit yourself then," Ansem said, "Aeleus help Zexia to the carriage."

Xion: I can see why she was only somewhat relieved to have Ansem look after her.
Axel: (as Ansem) Hey there, huge man built like a brick wall. Please forcibly drag this little girl away from her home and probably forever traumatize her. Thanks, pal!

(Zexia POV)

Roxas: So why not keep the previous bit in Zexia’s POV? Again, super annoying.

Then I felt it, Aeleus had grabbed me and was pulling me towards the carriage I tried so feverishly and Zexion tried just as hard to get to me, but our lives were separated into two separate ones, when I saw the same flower coronet fall off my head.

Xion: Nooooo! Not the symbolism!
Roxas: Quick, someone trample it underfoot to drive the tragedy home!
Axel: Tanks are brought in to run over the coronet!

I was taken away and began studying and every night, I look to the sky and remember Zexion.


(Zexion POV)

Zexia, why Zexia though?

Xion: She had to be taken away so she can appease a dragon through song and dance.
Roxas: Different Vocaloid series.
Mog: The writer's already one step ahead of you on that one.

Fulfill my duties, yet I want to have Zexia by my side when I do.

Axel: (as Zexion) I should have stapled her to me when I had the chance.

Chapter 2 Reunions

(Zexia POV)

"Now then, you are here to serve the prince of this country," Larxene said, "and be certain you don't mess up."

Roxas: Why don’t Marluxia and Larxene get their own Somebody names?
Axel: All the creativity was used up naming “Zexia”.

I lost my brother and now I am serving a prince.

Xion: But… they’re the same person…?

Yet though,

Roxas: That’s sure a redundant phrase.

the courtyard seemed familiar, then I saw it, my flower coronet where it last was, wilted.

Xion: No one’s cleaned in the last few years?!
Axel: So she somehow forgot her birthplace, her brother’s role, but the little flower crown is what sticks in the memory.

(Zexion POV)

Ever since Ansem had breathed his last and mom died, I became the leader,

Roxas: (as Zexion) My first order of business: party at Mom’s funeral!
Axel: (as Zexion) We ordered in a sheet cake with icing that read ‘Good riddance, you old bint.’

but still the Prince of Radiant Garden,

Xion: Is this country run by some gender-flipped Pauline Laws, or did Zexion just say "No, I like this title better, don't crown me!"

yet though

Roxas: Look at that, still redundant.

I still miss my sister. I still kept my bangs covering my right eye.

Axel: (as Zexion) I gave myself an emover in loving memory of her.

"Your Highness, your new servant is here," Isa said, "Should I bring her in?"

"Of course," I said, my back turned to the door, facing the window as Isa left.

Xion: So Zexia's studies were less for academics and more Ansem getting free cleaning and saying "But think about the experience you can have on your resume thanks to me."

"Your Highness, I'm ready to serve," she said, when I turned around, I saw who it was.

It was Zexia, she was still the same, yet though,

Roxas: …oh no…

she tied up her slate-blue hair in a ponytail and held back her bang that once covered her right eye with a clip with a butterfly on it.

"Zexia, is it really you?" I asked,

Xion: So neither of them have good memory.
Axel: How do you have trouble recognizing someone that looks EXACTLY like you?
Mog: *from notes* They hug.

"I guess I'm now your humble servant," Zexia said.

"But you're more than that," I said, "Isa!"

"Yes Your Highness?" Isa asked.

"Make sure she is my personal servant, for she is higher than any other," I said.

"Of course sire," Isa said and left.

Axel: (as Isa) Oh, RIGHT AWAY, sire! I’m SO looking forward to being treated like a cockroach underneath your ROYAL soles.

"Oh Zexion, you didn't have to," Zexia said.

"You're my sister," I said, "and you're still a princess, higher than any other servant, even Saix."

Roxas: But… Isa was just… huh?
Xion: You’d think we would be used to this by now, but it still throws us seeing Nobodies and their Somebodies living in the same world.

"Thanks Zexion," Zexia said.

"No problem," I said handing her a pin, "just wear this pin and Isa will know that you are above him."

Roxas: It reads “I’m better than you, neener neener neener.”

Chapter 3 Friends and Groceries

Axel: So that’s what I was supposed to buy yesterday.

(Saix POV)

I've been scorned at for years, all because I have an 'X'- shaped scar on my face.

"Hey are you okay?" someone asked.

"Why should I? I'm scarred for life," I said.

Axel: Nah, I think you’re scorned for being a whiny brat.
Roxas: (as someone) Hey man, wanna go see a movie and have a fun time?

"Well that's what makes you different, unique," he said when I looked up; I saw a redhead guy with teardrop tattoos underneath his eyes, "Name's Axel.

Axel: Let me take one wild, lucky, uneducated, total-shot-in-the-dark guess at what my next three words are…

Got it memorized?

Axel: *sigh pulled from the depths of his weary soul*
Roxas: And to think… it all started with a pun…

And you are?"

"Saix," I said.

"Well then Saix," Axel said, "Consider me as another friend of yours."

"Thank you," I said smiling for the first time in years.

Axel: Well, that was easy.
Xion: I'm assuming Saix hasn't had human contact in several years.

"Hey Axel," a girl with short black hair and amazing blue eyes said.

Roxas: After she materialized out of the aether.

"Hey Xion my rose," Axel said, "How's my little girl."

Xion: (as self) I've been feeling wonderful ever since I stole all the proper punctuation that belonged in that sentence. You're not getting that question mark back until I receive the rest of my payment.

"Fine," Xion said, "It's nice to meet you…uh?"

"Saix," I said, "It's nice to meet you too Xion."

Roxas: Oh yeah, Saix had nothing but respect and kindness for the replica.
Xion: You know someone likes you when they call you an ‘it’.

(Zexia POV)

"Sis, could you please go to the market at Twilight Town? We need a few groceries in there," he said looking at his locket. When I saw the picture it was a girl with short black hair and blue eyes.

"Sure," I said, "Who is she?"

Xion: (as Zexia) Is she the Miku Hatsune equivalent that will die?

"Oh her," Zexion said, "My love who lives in Twilight Town, Xion. Someday, I will marry her."

"And if she chooses someone else?" I asked.

"Then I'll find a way to marry her," Zexion said.

Axel: (as Zexion) The pillocks haven’t seen use in some time.

"I'll be off now," I said.

Roxas: Wisely deciding to escape that conversation.

I went to the stables and got my snow-white horse, Silverwind and went to Twilight Town.

Xion: So she went to town riding on a pony, but she has yet to stick a feather in her hat and call it macaroni.
Axel: Hi-ho, Silverwind, away!

But as I went to Town, I saw what had happened earlier that day, how could this have happened?

Roxas: …well, what happened?

Many people slain by soldiers sent by Zexion.

Roxas: Oh, okay. Might’ve wanted to lead with that info.
Xion: He sent the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee after them.

"How dare you," a woman said holding her daughter, "How could you do this."

Axel: (as woman) Why did you do this, I’d also like to know, but ooh how dare you!

I was going to testify myself, but I forgot I was wearing clothes to dignify me as not only a servant to the Royal Family of Radiant Garden, but a personal one to Zexion.

Roxas: Which is apparently common knowledge amongst the populace.
Axel: Of course. Otherwise Zexia couldn’t wring it for sympathy points.

"Let's see, we've gotten everything except his favorite snack," I said looking at the list.

Roxas: What?! She sees a massacre ordered by her brother, seemingly for no reason, and she simply goes shopping like no big deal?!
Xion: (as Zexia) All that bloodshed’s sure sad, but those Twinkies aren’t gonna buy themselves!
Mog: *from notes* She accidentally bumps into someone. Who could it be?

"Zexia! Remember me? Axel I couldn't believe you could have forgotten me," he said

Axel: (as self) I keep telling people to memorize every little god damn thing, I’d think you never had the chance to forget.

Then I finally remembered, during my studies, I had often met up with after I completed them for the day enjoying ice cream with him and Roxas.

Roxas: Is Zexia secretly Dory’s Nobody, how does she forget everything?

"Axel, I'm sorry I forgot," I said, "it's great seeing you again."

"It's great to," Axel said, "See you around. Hey Xion! Where were you?"

Xion: Recombined with Sora’s soul for a bit. It was surprisingly boring, actually.

When I saw who he was talking to, it was the same girl as the one in the portrait of Zexion's locket, the same Xion.

"Waiting beside the Clock Tower with Roxas, when you didn't come I went looking for you," she said.

Axel: (as Xion) We were commenting on how the moon seems to be getting really close these days. Eh, I'm sure it'll be fine. You ready for the Carnival of Time?

I knew what happened, Zexion loves Xion, but Xion loves Axel who I, Zexia now has fallen in love with Axel.

Xion: That was speedy!
Roxas: She forgot he existed until two seconds ago. This is technically love at first sight but even sillier than most examples.
Axel: Hey, come on, we shared roughly five sentences talking about how we don't see each other anymore. Who could resist this hunk of burning love after that?

Oh to Oblivion,

Xion: Is that a euphemism for “oh for heaven’s sake” or a weird alphabet game?
Roxas: Dee to Destruction!
Axel: Arr to Ragnarok!

Zexion would be upset of this. I got his snack and then rode Silverwind home.

Xion: Ride like the silverwind, Bullseye!

"Zexia, there is going to be a party tonight and I'm inviting a few special guests," Zexion informed me, "There, I'm hoping to propose to Xion."

Roxas: Because royal protocol or political marriages don't exist in this world. In fact, nothing resembling how royalty works exists in this world.
Xion: It's the usual fiction version of monarchy, just an easy way to point out who is or isn't important characters.

What could I say? If I told him that the one he loves is in love with the one I love, then two people would be heartbroken.

Axel: If he knows that she knows what he doesn't know-!
Xion: This kind of stuff works better in song because we have music to help fill in the blanks and cover what emotions the story is trying to convey. But in a proper written story we need things like motivation and character development to help explain the events. Otherwise things get really convoluted really fast.

Instead I just agreed to the plan and went to get ready to serve those at the party.

Oh well, might as well get Zexion the Sea-salt Ice cream.

Roxas: *gigglesnort*
Axel: Someone’s gonna end up a jilted lover. Oh well, what ya gonna do?

Chapter 4 the Keyblade Wielder of Vengance

(Zexia POV)

I had helped Zexion into a splendid outfit

Axel: Fishnets and a crop top.
(A book seemingly flies out of nowhere and heavily bounces off his skull.)

and when Zexion seated himself onto his throne and I was by his side, a Keyblade wielder came in.

Axel: And, no, he will never use his Keyblade like in the games so he could have been a regular swordsman but crossover!

"Roxas, what do you want?" Zexion asked.

Roxas: Having a body of my own again would be nice, but I’m over that by now.

"My brother, Ventus is dying," Roxas said, "all I request is some money for medical help."

"Seriously, that's why you're here?

Axel: (as Zexion) Compassion? What a waste of my time!

Don't come back unless I have a mission for you," Zexion said and left.

I left after him and heard Roxas said, "You will regret it!"

Xion: So… this makes Roxas the Meiko of the story?
Roxas: Points for gender-swapping the song, I guess. Makes it a bit less predictable.

I could sort of sense what Roxas meant. After I came back, Zexion began to care for himself and I was his exception. Oh well, we might as well begin preparations for the party anyway.

Xion: *at this point she falls into a giggle fit that tips her out of her chair*
Roxas: (as Zexia) My dear brother has become a totalitarian ruler and doesn’t care if his people die painful deaths, which will lead to a violent revolt. OH WELL!

But what about Roxas, he was my friend after all, I just have to do something.

(Roxas POV)

I thought the leader of a country would help their people in need, why wouldn't Zexion help my brother.

Axel: Cuz he’s a jerkburger. Question answered.
Xion: The last ruler was terrible, you’d think they’d be used to this by now.

He too was a Keyblade wielder, yet though

Roxas: Both those conjunctions mean the same thing, you don’t need both. You really don’t.

he had a back-hand style when he did it. I was one of Zexion's Prize Wielders, the only to ever Dual Wield keyblades, so why wouldn't he help Ventus?

Axel: These lines brought to you by the assumption you know nothing about the games you’re currently reading a fic for.

"Hey Roxas, over here," Zexia whispered leading me to a corner outside.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Here, take the food to anyone who is hungry, I just hope it would suffice," Zexia said, "and here, hopefully it's enough for your brother."

Roxas: (as Zexia) Here, take this empty air and pretend it's something you need.

"But what will Zexion think?" I asked.

"I was glad to be able to sneak out this much food," Zexia said,

Axel: (as Roxas) That doesn't answer my question!

"as for the money; it is how much I earned. Just think of it as a favor from a friend."

"But," I said.

Xion: (as Roxas) —we're not friends.

"It's okay, I saw what happened two days ago, this has to end with people starving, don't worry, if there's any trouble, then I could get you out of it," Zexia said, "After all, I'm his exception."

Roxas: Did a period kick your dog, why are you so against using them?

I sadly, however, watched Ventus take his last, shallow breath alone.

Xion: But you’re there watching him. Does that really count as ‘alone’?
Axel: (as Roxas) I’ll watch you die from my spot ten metres back here, bro. As long as this fuels my vendetta we’re all set!

One day…I'll avenge Ventus. One day…I will help Radiant Garden end Zexion's life and restore this kingdom.

Chapter 5 the Party and a Choice

Xion: Dip or salsa? Choose!
Mog: *from notes* Zexia welcomes Axel to the party.

(Zexion POV)

I was enjoying the party when I saw Xion in a beautiful dress. Oh I had to do this now. I let another servant take my cup and walked towards her, but what happened was utterly terrible, some fiery hothead went in my path.

Axel: (as Zexion) The bastard cut me off!

"Hey Xion, come on, let's dance," he said whisking her away.

Roxas: Zexia could have easily warned them not to act this way in front of her brother, buuuuuuuuut... This will lead to more of a fun surprise.

I couldn't believe that lowlife had to take away my Xion. I will get revenge on him, but I knew too well that Roxas wouldn't help since he was their friends. I stormed off to my room.

Xion: Hm. Pretty bad. But we haven’t reached Zeke Fender levels of bad yet.
Axel: We will never reach Zeke Fender levels of bad again.

(Zexia POV)

I saw Zexion leave the party, as a regular servant, I went to his see his needs but as a sister, I went to help him.

"Zexion, are you okay?" I asked.

Roxas: (as Zexia) Do you need me to follow your every whim and have no thought of my own that could add depth or intrigue to our already established premise? Because that sounds like fun!

"Zexia, someone has taken away my Xion," Zexion said, "You're my most trusted servant; I want you to find him, and cease his existence. Also, tell the soldiers to invade Twilight Town and eliminate everyone with green eyes."

Xion: I call foul. The original song had a massacre of everyone with green hair—because Miku, she’s got a lot of it—but Zexion didn’t see Axel’s eye colour in the previous scene. It would make more sense to make the change ‘kill everyone with red hair.’
Roxas: Maybe the writer didn’t want to bother mentioning Kairi. *thinks* Or Sora or Namine or Terra, or any of the hero characters.
Axel: Ah, another badfic, another Organization apologist.

"What?" I asked.

Axel: (as Zexia) Sorry, I sorta spaced. What were you saying?

"I want you to end his life," Zexion said, "I did tell you I would find a way to marry Xion. This is the path I will take to do this."

Roxas: If he can order people to be slain at the drop of a hat, I wonder why he didn't force an arranged marriage. I mean, that could still be considered evil.

"Okay then," I said, walking out of his room with the jewel-encrusted dagger Zexion just gave me.

Xion: (as Zexia) I’ll go stab Xion in the face, then MY romance troubles will be solved.

End his life? Could I even do that? I love him.

Xion: Reasons?
Roxas: Drama! The only reason anyone ever needs.

But I had a choice, either love to Axel, or loyalty to Zexion. If I made the wrong choice, then there'd be misery, either way would lead misery to Xion or Zexion.

Axel: So the right choice is DEATH! Much more lenient than misery.
Roxas: Well… the dead person won’t have to worry about being sad anymore…

I finally decided to stay loyal to my own brother and sent a message to Axel to meet me in the forest behind the Abandoned Mansion alone. Then sent the soldiers to do Zexion's order.

Xion: (as Zexia) My brother has ordered I murder the man I love and many more will die. OH WELL!

(Axel POV)

"Hey Zexia, what's wrong? Why are there soldiers out their eliminating innocent people?" I asked,

Axel: (as self) There’s a genocide going on. What a wacky day, amirite?

seeing tears forming.

"It's just, I don't want to do this," Zexia said, "but I have to answer his wish."

Roxas: Uh, reasons?
Xion: Drama!

"What? Okay Zexia, what do you mean?"

Axel: *jovially* Is this another one of your pranks, you little kidder, you?

I asked walking towards her and looking straight into her eyes, tears were escaping her sapphire-blue eyes.

Roxas: Allergies strike when you least expect them.

"It's just, my master, Prince Zexion, requests me to do this one thing," Zexia said, "and I have to do this, I have to this for him, for him to be happy."

"What do you mean Zexia?" I asked her, and then I noticed it, her jewel-encrusted dagger unsheathed, pointed for me.

Axel: (as self) See, that answers my question.

Then I felt the dagger stab me, ending my life, I saw tears escaping Zexia's eyes now.

Roxas: So… his life hasn’t ended yet.
Xion: Those tears have tried to escape this story twice and still no luck.

"Axel, Xion, I'm…sorry," Zexia said, "Sorry how this all has to end this way."

"It's okay," I said, "I forgive you."

Axel: I’m dead. OH WELL!
Xion: Everyone has very understated reactions to death. It’s less the ultimate end and more a mild inconvenience.
Roxas: *shrugs* It’s not like the games have ever kept anyone down for the count. He probably knows he’ll be fine.

(Zexia POV)

I couldn't believe why I did this.

Xion: Neither can I. This adaption isn’t very good at expanding upon the original material.

But then, I had to make Zexion happy. I left to the river cleaning Axel's blood off of my hands and the dagger.

Roxas: “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” she later said to Zexion. “You shall bear the responsibility.”

Then, I returned to Radiant Garden finding Zexion in his room.

Axel: (as Zexia) Walked past a few dead bodies along the way, but whatever.

"Well?" he asked, eyeing my tear-streaked face.

"I did as you asked," I said, "Axel has ceased existing."

Xion: …"ceased existing?" It’s not like when I was wiped from everyone’s memory, Axel just straight-up died.
Roxas: If you’re afraid to talk about death this may not be the song series to write about.

"Good," Zexion said turning and facing his back at me.

"I'll be in my room," Zexia said, "if you need me."

Axel: (as Zexia) Being emotionally scarred. Because of you. Not bitter or anything.

I left to my room and cried, I couldn't believe what I did, I just wanted to have Zexion be happy, but to end someone, is something I wouldn't want to do.

Xion: (as Zexia) My heart is shattered into a thousand pieces and I’ll forever remember the feeling of still-warm blood on my hands. OH WELL!

(Zexion POV)

The clock had chimed for three, snack time.

Axel: Turns out this castle is actually a day care.

That's odd; Zexia would be knocking on the door now with the Sea-Salt ice cream. She's late, that's odd;

Xion: So odd we had to mention it twice.

she's rarely late, almost never.

Roxas: Oh my fur and whiskers, she’s late!

Might as well find her.

I left my room finding her in her room, on her bed weeping. Why is she crying now?

Axel: (as Zexion) Gawd, it’s like she killed someone or something.

Gently, I nudged her trying to get her attention.

"Huh…oh Zexion! I'm sorry, I just lost track of time," Zexia said, "I'll go get the ice cream."

"The ice cream can wait," I said wiping away her tears, "tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong sire," Zexia said, "I'm fine; I'll just get the ice cream."

Xion: I know we've all seen the overabundance of ice cream as a plot device so there's nothing new to say to that anymore, but most fics at least use it as a shared bonding experience to establish relationships. But these two shared a womb, we don't need sugary treats to explain why they're close.

With that, she left her room and went to get the ice cream. What was wrong with her, I saw the dagger I gave her inside its sheath, when I unsheathed it, cleaned from the hothead's blood.

Xion: (as Zexion) I made her commit cold-blooded murder, you’d think she could at least thank me. My sister’s so weird.

Under the dagger was a picture, a picture of her and the hothead, was this taken before she came back in my life.

Roxas: A picture— she had a picture of the guy and managed to forget about him!

Before she came back I placed the dagger and the picture back to how it was before I came in. she came back with two sticks of Sea-Salt Ice cream.

"Here," she said handing me one

Axel: (as Zexia) Shove this where the sun don’t shine yourself, I’m too tired to do it right now.

and eating the other one.

"Zexia, why do you have a picture of yourself with him?" I asked.

"What! You looked through my things?" she asked.

Xion: They were just lying out in the open.
Axel: Nice way to immediately blow your cover, Zex.

"Why would you question what I do?" I asked.

"The picture is upside-down, yes, but it has been moved into a different position. And the dagger's point although sheathed is pointing in a different direction," Zexia said, "You were the only one in my room and ever goes into my room. You moved them obviously."

Roxas: See? Zexia isn’t a blank, personality-less OC. She has a photographic memory. Totally an interesting character now.

"Even if I did, you still haven't explained why you have a picture with him," I said.

"Why should you even know?" Zexia asked, "Just because I have a picture with him doesn't mean there is something going on."

"You…you love him?" I asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I did," Zexia said,

Axel: No you didn’t.
Xion: You never even told us in the audience why you loved him.

"but your orders to me are higher than what I want. I did it to make you happy."

She then left her room, what have I done? Did I just ruin my sister's life?

Roxas: (as Zexion) Geez, I order a few massacres, ignore my subjects' wishes, and make my sister complete my evil bidding, and suddenly I’m the bad guy!

Chapter 6 Discovered

(Xion POV)

It was odd; Axel hasn't been around for days.

Xion: That whole mass genocide was also a bit odd but, man, Axel hasn’t been around, WEIRD!

I visited his house today, at his room, there was a note written in fine, small handwriting.


I request that you meet me in the forest behind the Abandoned Mansion at Twilight Town at Sunset. I wish to speak to you alone for I have something I've been meaning to tell you.

~Zexia, Personal Servant to Prince Zexion of Radiant Garden

Xion: Ooooh, isn’t she all fancy? Put a tilde before her name and everything!

Odd, who is Zexia?

Axel: Is she late?

I've never heard of her, I went to the forests to find my beloved Axel, finding him dead,

Roxas: So I guess she found him.

his cold crimson blood everywhere around him, he was dead, murdered.

Axel: Dead, murdered, six feet under, pushing up daisies, kicked the bucket, bought the farm, met my maker, and just plain not living anymore!

But by who? I've never heard of anyone named Zexia;

Xion: …But you’re friends with her friends…? And you read the note…?
Roxas: Are we in actuality on the 11th floor of Castle Oblivion? Is that why everyone forgets everything?

then I noticed, a strand of pale-slate-blue hair. Zexion was who murdered Axel.

Axel: Dun-dun-DUNNN!

I met up with Roxas at the Clock Tower as usual. His eyes have been showing a wrath for revenge, maybe he could help.

Roxas: She’s taking that whole ‘my boyfriend is now rotting in the woods’ thing quite well.
Axel: OH WELL!

(Roxas POV)

"Roxas, Axel was murdered," Xion said.

Xion: —by Zexion in the mansion with a candlestick!

"Murdered?" I asked, "By whom?"

Roxas: Homicide isn’t any excuse for me to ignore proper grammar, of course.

"I believe Prince Zexion was who," Xion said taking out a strand of hair, "I found this when I found Axel."

It was a strand of what looked like Zexion's hair but was it really?

Axel: No! You people know who Zexia is! Someone remember something!

"I'll help you," I said, "as a way to get not only vengeance for you, but for me as well," I said waiting to get revenge on Zexion for letting Ventus die.

Roxas: Because the dead brother wasn’t enough of an excuse already.

Soon we both began to rally other residents of both Twilight Town and Radiant Garden, to bring Prince Zexion to an end.

Axel: Instant revolutions! Now in a more convenient to use single sentence.

(Zexia POV)

I've heard of the riots and rallies happening, against Prince Zexion to cease his existence, even the other workers had joined if my prediction was right, they would come tomorrow.

Xion: (as Zexia) The magic 8 ball has never been wrong.

It was me they should have been after, not my brother; I'll be there to protect him, even if it costs my own life.

Roxas: (as Zexia) I'll idealize death and sacrifice, that'll solve everything!

(Zexion POV)

I couldn't believe what was happening in my kingdom, my own people rebelling against me. What have I done to deserve this?

Axel: (as Zexion) I’m so gosh-darned nice all the time!

I lost my sister who is now my servant; lost my love to another now I've lost my loyalty from my own staff and people.

Roxas: (as Zexion) I also lost my Pokemon Ruby cartridge, but that one seems a bit irrelevant now.

This is still unbelievable, when I went to my room, finding someone already there, my sister, Zexia. Yet though

Xion: STOP IT!

she was wearing my clothes, how dare she choose to dress as me.

Roxas: (as Zexion) As if this day couldn’t get any worse!

"Zexia, what is the meaning of this?" I asked.

"The only thing to save you," she said handing me one of her cloaks, "put this on, and then run as far away as you can."

"What are you saying?" I asked.

Axel: (as Zexia) I’m saying ‘haul ass’.

"They are out there, with a reason to cease your existence, when it was me to blame," Zexia said

Xion: I know that was supposed to sound selfless, but it comes off a little conceited.
Axel: (as Zexia) Everything is MY fault because of course everything is centered around ME!

looking straight into my eyes, "I'm taking your place."

"But they will notice the difference," I said, "then both of our lives will end.

Roxas: Kill! Die! They're perfectly fine verbs that want to be part of your story!
Mog: *from notes* They swap appearances.

"Now we look identical," Zexia said, "Don't worry you'll be safe, we're twins remember,

Axel: Apparently not.

now no one will notice the difference. It's almost sunset, you should begin to leave now, Good bye Zexion, I'll miss you brother."

Then I didn't know it but Roxas and a masked girl with short raven-black hair came in.

Xion: That 3rd-person POV is so desperate to be part of this story that it barged its way in.

"Prince Zexion your time has come," she said aiming her keyblade at my sister, "to face the death that every other resident in your kingdom has faced."

Axel: I'm glad we had the one moment dedicated to her meeting Saix. It's added so much to this tale.
Xion: Maybe the writer was trying to add the events of 'Daughter in White' to the fic but forgot because it had nothing to do with Zexia.

(Roxas POV)

I noticed something different with Zexion, his eyes weren't the cold ones I saw when I asked him for help, they were kind and sweet like his servant, my friend, Zexia.

Roxas: (as self) Huh. Maybe I should bring this observation to light. ...Naaah, I'd rather see how all this plays out. Go get 'im, Xion!

"Oh how rude of you," 'Zexion' said, "Oh my, it's snack time and Zexia is late, she will be severely punished for that."

Xion easily thought it was him, but someone had to be punished, Zexia will do.

Axel: (as Roxas) I know we’re about to commit disproportionate retribution, but screw it. I’m gonna get revenge on someone!

"You heartless people," 'Zexion' said.

Roxas: GET IT?

We took 'Zexion' to a cell where 'he' was locked up.

(Roxas POV)

Xion: Thanks for the reminder?

I couldn't believe she would do such a thing, why though? Why would she sacrifice herself for the prince?

"I know it's really you Zexia," I whispered to her in while she was in the cell, "Why would you do this?"

Axel: Because the song said so. It’s the only reason for this fic’s existence.

"I do whatever I can, to make my brother happy," Zexia whispered back, "It's my only wish."

Xion: (as Zexia) And I really want a Coke, but that’s more a craving than a wish.

As confused as I was, I left the cells only to come back with the keys.

Roxas: Keyblade still not being used.

"Come on; let's run away, you, me and Xion," I said, "together without any of them to follow us."

Axel: (as Roxas) Forget that whole avenging my dead brother thing when we can be buddies!

"How foolish do you think I could be," Zexia said, "No matter what, they will always be after us to keep us apart, you will never be able to find a way to find peace with me around."

Roxas: I honestly have no idea what she’s talking about.
Xion: Zexia tosses out new information that we're supposed to believe just because she said so. Everything she says has more exposition than emotion.
Axel: She'd make a great living as a Final Fantasy narrator.

There was no stopping her, she made up her mind.

Axel: She made up her doormat of a mind.
Mog: *from notes* Zexion arrives at the execution.

(Zexia POV)

I scanned the crowd waiting and watching for my death.

Xion: (as Zexia) It’s going to be so exciting!

I was already in position waiting for the keyblade to finish it; I looked up seeing Zexion out of breath, watching me. I knew Zexion still had his lockets and I had my pendant that was usually separated in two halves, forming a pale blue rose on me as well.

Axel: Which has never been mentioned once up until now, but the writer suddenly decided this trinket was important.
Roxas: I'm almost disappointed it took this long to put in a 'two halves' necklace. No tragic twins story is complete without one of those.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the bells to chime three.

"Oh my it's snack time," I said, "but where's Zexia, she's late

Xion: HOW ODD!

and will severely punished for that."

Then I awaited the keyblade's strike.

Roxas: A Strike Raid beaned her between the eyes. The end.

(Zexion POV)

I saw the crimson beam of light from the keyblade coming, but I couldn't watch. I looked away as Zexia's life had ended.

Axel: (as Zexia) I seem to be decapitated. OH WELL!

I heard the crowd cheering around,

Xion: (as crowd) YAY, REGICIDE!

I turned around and left, but I felt someone tap my shoulder, I was glad that I was wearing the hood of her cloak.

"Here 'Zexia', I'm sorry for Zexion," Roxas said, handing me her pendant, "something to remember her by."

Roxas: (as self) Some of her blood splashed on it but I’m sure that’ll wipe off no prob.

I took her necklaces and had then rushed as far away from Radiant Garden.

Xion: We give each of them half a pendant, and then years later they'll find each and be reunited! Now that's a good day for everybody.

Chapter 7 Message of Regret

(Zexion POV)

I was at Destiny Islands, standing in the water with a bottle and a message.

Roxas: (as Zexion) Thinking of you wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to—whoops, wrong letter!
Xion: Shame, because this is the first time I can see how this crossover could have worked.

If I could have just one wish, then I would like to have my own dear twin sister, Zexia, here by my side. I would like to see Zexia again. I would like to have Zexia with me again. That is my wish, and my regret that I had Zexia taken the blame for me.


I remembered a legend Zexia once told me the last time we came to Destiny Islands.

Roxas: At a previously undetermined point in time.

If you put a message in a bottle, and send it out to sea, if the message remains intact at sunset, then someday, your wish would come true.

"Come on Zexia, tell me what the message was," I said.

"For Zexion to keep his nose out of his books," Zexia said, then had saw the look on my face, "I'm kidding, my wish was for you to be happy."

"I'll always be happy," I said, "as long as you are there by my side."

Xion: (as Zexion) I had a natural gift for dramatic irony as a child.

That was years ago, when we were kids, now I'm doing this alone.

Axel: (as Zexion) Because everyone else died thanks to my actions. Feel bad for me.

Zexia has taken the execution instead of me. Now with a bottle and the message, I had cast it out to sea.

Roxas: This person’s a real big fan of passive voice.

Hopefully, I could get Zexia back. I was watching the bottle leave and then headed back to Radiant Garden; it's been years since I faced the Kingdom, maybe coming back wouldn't hurt.

"Hello there kid, names Braig, and you are?" he asked.

Xion: (as Braig) Also, HOWDY! I’m here now!

"Ienzo," I said, avoiding to use my name.

"Well then Ienzo, do you have a place to stay? I haven't seen you around here," Braig said.

Axel: (as Braig) I have candy!

"No, I was just visiting," I said, "but I wouldn't mind staying."

"Well then kiddo, you just became an apprentice of Ansem," Braig said,

Roxas: …but he died…?
Xion: This story has a weird dream logic to it, where things happen with no lead-up or logical reason.

leading me to my new life, forcing down some sort of liquid down me, "I kinda forgot, he wanted a new apprentice that was a kid. Sorry about that."

I had my own new life, as a kid once again, and once again, without Zexia. One day, I'll find her once again.

Axel: …
Xion: …
Roxas: …
Axel: WHAT?
Roxas: This may be a stupid question, but do you remember if the original story had a weird fountain of youth potion introduced out of nowhere?
Xion: No. No, that was something the writer made up just for us. Um... thank you?


Axel: How is this still going?! Everyone's either dead or shrunk!

(Zexia POV)

All I saw was darkness that surrounded me,


the same darkness I had used to protect Zexion. I felt blood-red handcuffs forming around me, Axel's blood that I had shed by choice. Cold blue chains formed around my ankles, Xion's tears from when she discovered Axel was dead.

Axel: This is a very metaphorical-laden purgatory.
Xion: Again, this kind of stuff works better in song form.

I've been wandering this realm for so long now, I don't know how many years it has been. I was sitting on the shore this time and two lone bottles were drifting in the sea, I wanted to read the messages, but I was trapped I couldn't move and finally, the darkness swallowed me completely.

(Aqua POV)


I saw this girl I haven't seen here before ever since I sacrificed my life in the Realm of Light for Terra, but to see the darkness take her completely and disappear?

Axel: None of this is answering my initial question of EH?

That was unbelievable, until I saw the two bottles in the water.

Xion: (as Aqua) Someone fading into nothingness is bizarre, but GLASS way down here? Impossible!

Reaching down I picked them both up, and uncorked them to read the messages inside.

If I could be reborn, I would like to be with my brother and play with him.


Roxas: (as Zexia) If I could could make reincarnation a reality I'd like to go back to my selfish brat of a brother who treated me like trash.

I was still confused as I read the other message; both of them had Zexia in it. I then looked back at the spot the girl had disappeared…could she…have been…Zexia?

Roxas: Ventus being a vegetable?
Xion: Terra’s body being stolen?
Axel: You trapped in a hell dimension? Who gives a rat’s ass about that anymore, ZEXIA is here!

(Zexion POV)

I was a part of this new life, as a Nobody known as Zexion. I still retained some memories of when I lost my sister.

Roxas: Of course you did, it’s the same life! The explanation that he's the same Zexion we know doesn't really help to explain anything.
Xion: Now, if he rode a magical carousel to de-age then that would make perfect sense.

Soon, Xemnas had this new plan for the Replica Project, everyone had to sacrifice a strand of hair,

Axel: Are we sacrificing virginal hairs on an altar to the sun god? It’s a single strand, no one’s going to miss it.

to create replica of everyone, an invincible one. I knew Xemnas wouldn't accept the fact if I used the strands of my sister's hair that I've kept, but I never found her Nobody, this was the only one way I could bring back my sister.

Xion: But she was killed, wasn’t she? Or… she was executed by having her soul removed from her body?
Roxas: Creative use of a Keyblade, I suppose.

Then the replica had taken form, I had left a slip of paper and my sister's pale blue rose pendant next to the tube saying:

Number IV,

I saw the replica take form, this necklace is for her. I have already been calling her Zexia for it suits her well.

~Number VI, Zexion, the Cloaked Schemer

Axel: Attached is a note from Vexen reading: Shut up about your imaginary sister, Six, no one cares!

We were called in for the meeting, about the replica. She came in, perfect, it was a girl.

Xion: Congratulations, it’s a girl!

She removed her hood, black eyes and long black hair.

Roxas: She pulled her hair out and detached her eyeballs.

But I did notice one thing, she wore the pendant. I could at least be certain that she was in there, somewhere.

Axel: Or she thought “Ooh, free jewelry! Yoink!”

She was introduced Zexia, Number XV, the Rose of the Prince. Her powers were over a mix of everyone in the organization. She wielded a Keyblade, the Sacrifice for the Prince.

Roxas: It’s as if the writer said to their audience “You thought Xion had a lot of Sue traits? Well, take a gander at this!”

There was a red glow surrounding the entire blade like Xemnas' Etheral Blades. The part of the blade above the key was a cross between Xigbar's Arrowguns and Larxene's Kunais. The shaft of the blade was a cross between the shafts of Xaldin's lances, the blade of Saix's claymore, and had the strings like Demyx's sitar on it.

Xion: Save your breathless bafflement, readers, because somehow this paragraph is still going.

The bottom half of the guard was like the top rim of Vexen's shield with the bottom point on it and the top half was like half of one of Axel's Chakrams. The handle of the blade was like the handle of Lexaeus' tomahawk. The Key was a cross between Luxord's cards, Marluxia's scythe and Roxas' Oathkeeper and Oblivion. The Keychain was what really touched me; it was a smaller version of my own Lexicon.

Axel: …I… desperately need an artist’s rendition of that.
[[Behold! An artist's rendition!]]

Roxas: The Χ-Blade is subtle and refined compared to that thing.

I was assigned to watch her; I knew I would have to protect her as she had for me. To make up her sacrifice to me.

Xion: I can honestly say I've never seen a fic pulled a Mary Sue twist ending before. You learn something new every day.

"So Zexia, that was the entire castle except the Corridor of Rest," I said, giving her the tour, "and here's your room."

"Thank you," she said, that wasn't usually like her,

Axel: (as Zexion) She never thanked me for anything!

she talked in a monotone-tone,

Roxas: And she had an expressionless-looking expression.

she used to show emotions when she talked. I was about to leave when she asked, "Zexion, why did you give this back to me?"

Roxas: So he could form you into whatever he desires and ignore any of your own personality or autonomy. That's NEVER backfired in this series.
Xion: A fact Roxas and I know all too well.
Axel: What are you guys talking about? The Riku replica LOVED being a copy! I helped him love it all the more by goading him into murder.

"What do you remember about my past?" I asked, "Who do you think would have the same name as you Zexia? Someone by my side to help me…even… if she chose to do it out of her will.

Xion: Yes, that's what 'choice' is, to do something of your own free will.

You do know that you were given at least a strand of hair from ever member of the organization, which is the reason of you Keyblade's uniqueness,

Axel: “Unique” is a kind way of describing that mess.

but let's just say a few extra strands from an unknown person was given from someone I held dear to. Who do you think that person was?"

Roxas: I don't even care if I sound like a broken record right now, I have to continue being confused over the 'make him a kid again' potion. Did Saix and I also receive de-aging potions? Did Ventus and Axel get 'magically revive from the dead' potions? This is all too confusing!
Axel: I've never seen a fic end at the beginning of its plot.

"You tell me, my mind is filled with everyone's memories of their lives," Zexia said,

Axel: Don’t you hate it when a fic showcases a better idea than the one you’re currently reading?
Xion: That's an interesting concept that has so many possibilities you could play with. Like questioning how having other people's memories affects the idea of individuality, exploring the past of Organization members and if Zexia knows any secrets about their previous lives. You could make an entirely new story based off that one sentence.
Roxas: Which unsurprisingly means we'll never, ever, talk about it again.

"How would I know?"

"Come with me, I need to show you something," I said taking her to a hidden room behind the Library of Lifeless Learning.

I knew that if there was some way I could bring her back, this would.

Xion: I dunno, you could split the world in half and falsify a core religion depicting her as a goddess, also creating a system wherein a lineage is maintained to create the perfect vessel for your sister’s soul to be revived. That could totally bring her back.

I remember her, always singing a song, her voice was so beautiful and melodious, something far greater than Demyx's musical talent, his was forceful, but hers was pure talent, a gift.

Roxas: I honestly don't know what's worse: Demyx not even being part of the story but still being devolved to only music, or that he's not part of the story yet still can't be as cool as the almighty Zexia.
Axel: Little of Column A, little bit of Column B.

"Here," I said handing her some lyric sheets, I began to finger her pendant making sure that both halves were together which she did as well, "I remember someone with a beautiful voice,

Roxas: (as Zexion) It couldn't have been you since there was no music to be found anywhere in this story.

just sing this, I'll sing along to, and maybe you will finally understand."

(Bold is Zexion, Italics are Zexia and bold/italics are both and just so we're clear I had tweaked the lyrics for it to work between the two of them.)

Axel: Ah, good, obtrusive author's notes. The all-encompassing badness is now complete.
Mog: *from notes* Insert the lyrics from 'Servant of Evil' here.

(Zexia POV)

I remembered all of it. As we sang, I felt memories of me and Zexion together, twins. Now I remember everything.

Axel: (as Zexia) I remembered how my parents didn't love me and how I was torn away from my home and stripped of any royal titles or power I could have had. I remembered how I had to kill the only person that ever showed true affection to me and all the others that died and suffered before my eyes. I remembered how I had so little self-worth that I threw my life away rather than be without one person and I remembered my untimely, grisly demise and how everyone would only think of me as the one they hated. I remembered my entire life of pain and misery. OH WELL!

(Zexion POV)

When I opened my eyes, I finally saw I had reawaken Zexia, she had her sapphire eyes and her now slate-blue hair was like how it was before we had switched places, with a golden clip with a silver Nobody symbol on it.

Xion: Wow, even for a story based off a song series, it's far-fetched to think the power of music did all that.
Roxas: It's like the author saw the climax to The Empire of Corpses where Hadaly's appearance briefly changes and said to their future audience "You thought that was a confusing mess? Wait til you take a look at this! It's magic, screw you!"

She opened her eyes, I showed her a mirror, and she saw that she was back.

"Now do you remember sis?" I asked

"Oh Zexion I do remember now," Zexia said hugging me, "my brother."

I hugged her back. Finally after all these years, I was able to bring my own sister back.

Roxas: And then he went off to Castle Oblivion where he was strangled by Replica Riku. You can't dodge karma forever.
Xion: I know everything before it wasn't great but even for a badfic that was a very anticlimactic ending.
Axel: You know those two people that accomplished nothing good in their lives and had half a day of not knowing each other? They get a happy ending! Be happy for them, audience! I swear they totally deserve it! And don't start thinking about the both of them being terminated the exact second Xemnas finds out they ruined his plan, no way that would ever happen! They're gonna be fiiiiiiiine.


Date: 2017-01-26 05:09 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] theswordofdoubt
I laughed harder than I should have at the "OH WELL" running gag. But then again, I've just come from yet another riffing of "If I Was Your Nazi", and that kind of thing has this fantastic way of beating down any shred of moral decency you had, until you laugh at genocide because it's so poorly-written, and because if you didn't laugh, you'd be crying in outrage instead.

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