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Title: Meeting the Princess
Author: Michigo Sinister
Rating: A lot to be desired in the writing, but overall it’s fine.
Full Name (including any titles): Princess Yakumo.
Full Species(es): Reincarnated goddess, I guess?
Hair Color (include adjectives): Long red hair.
Eye Color (include adjectives): Brown.
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: Usually none, but can activate fairy wings mode.
Special Possessions (if any): Magical animal sidekick that does indeed become a possession at one point.

Origin: Lots of all-nighters spent marathoning favourite anime series.
Connections To Canon Characters: Becomes friends. We’re okay with that.
Special Abilities: Fire, flying, healing.
Other Annoying Traits: Learning new abilities instantaneously.

I Say/Notes:

Radiant Garden

1st visit Part 1

Inside the Gummi Ship:

"We're here." Riku said.

Riku: …Inside the Gummi Ship.

"Already? Feels like we've only been flying for a few minutes." Yakumo said.

"It usually doesn't take that long to get to the worlds. So Riku what world is it?" Sora said.

Riku looked at the map and said, "It's called Radiant Garden."

"Really?" Sora asked.

"You know this place?" Kairi asked.

Sora nodded and said, "Yeah I came here a lot of times. I have some friends down there too."

Sora: (as self) You guys knew it as Hollow Bastion. Remember, that's where I beat the fuzz outta Riku and where Kairi saw me all but die in her arms. Good memories for you guys, right?
Riku and Kairi: *sad*
Sora: (as self) Oh yeah, and I kinda defeated a guy named Demyx here.
Demyx: *unable to be sad but looks it*
Sora: That's for not getting me a Mars bar during break.

Riku pressed a few buttons and the Gummi Ship started to land.

At Radiant Garden:

They stepped off the Gummi Ship and Yakumo looked around.

Riku: —at Radiant Garden.

Yakumo saw that this world had a market and a number of people living there. It looked like a very peaceful place but Yakumo noticed something that seemed out of place.

Demyx: Yourself, maybe?

"Hey what are those?" Yakumo pointing to it.

They looked and Riku said, "The ruins of Hallow Bastion."

"That's what the town was called before I helped." Sora said.

Kairi: What a humble boy you are, Sora.
Sora: (as self) The people rebuilding their own community aren't important, it's all thanks to ME!

Voiceover: They head over to Merlin's and many, many, many introductions are made. Then they start talking about Rukia.

"Yes it seems a spell was placed on Rukia to help her talk. Tell me what do you know about spells?" Merlin said looking at Yakumo.

"I know you need magic energy in order to cast a spell. Before you ask, I only know simple spells and…also fire spells." Yakumo explained.

Demyx: (as Yakumo) And also healing. And also flying. And also transforming into a legendary goddess. Geez, it sounds really over the top when I put it like that.

Sora thought for a moment and then had an idea, "Hey Merlin can you train Yakumo?"

"In what Sora?" Merlin asked.

Sora: (as self) ...Magic. I thought that part was obvious.

Voiceover: Merlin's happy to help Sora's friend.

Merlin went outside so Yakumo followed with Rukia. Merlin waved his hand and three blocks appeared.

"Now to use your fire spell you must focus. Imagine your opponent will burn and you'll be able to unleash the spell.

Demyx: (as Merlin) Imagine until you can smell the stench of their burning flesh, hear the agonizing cries as they turn to ash and cinders.
Kairi: And here I used to think you were one of the nicer Nobodies.
Demyx: I'm just nicer in comparison. Trust me, it takes no effort to look like a good guy when you've got Larxene and Axel on your team.

Try it on these blocks first." Merlin explained stepping aside.

"Um ok." Yakumo said stepping up.

Yakumo held out her hand and focused. A small fireball appeared in her hand but then it disappeared.

Sora: (as Vanessa) Whoopsy, guess my decision was wrong. I'll be taking my powers to someone else now, BYE!

Voiceover: Training, training, training, till Yakumo questions Vanessa about her fire sword.

'The sword is able to catch on fire to add power to the weapon.

Kairi: Just ask Scott Pilgrim about it.

Flame will never be able to damage the blade because of this power.' Vanessa explained.

Riku: And by RPG logic it will also protect every inch of your body from flames and burn wounds.
Kairi: If earrings can make you run fast…

Yakumo understood but then felt something. Yakumo looked around and saw small black creatures with yellow eye raise up.

Sora: A one-eyed Heartless mob. That shouldn't be too hard.
Kairi: They'll have no depth perception between them all.

"The Heartless come on let's go." Sora said coming from the house.

Demyx: (as Sora) Actual game elements instead of schools and AU wangst, WOOHOO!

Yakumo didn't need to be told twice as she jumped into battle. Yakumo and her friends easily defeated them but then more appeared. These had books with them and they were green and yellow.

"These are Bookmasters. They can cast some spells so watch your back." Sora explained.

Yakumo nodded and jumped at one of them. The sword went right through them and destroyed it.

Sora: She can get one-hit KOs after one afternoon of training? Not fair.
Kairi: Predictable ease is what forms the foundation of any Sue fic.

Sora and the others jumped in to help defeat the others. The flame on Yakumo's sword went out when the battle was over. 'The flame must only last so long.' Yakumo thought before she felt something else. Yakumo looked and saw an arrow coming at her.

Demyx: She then felt something else which was the arrow going through her.

Yakumo jumped out of the way and the arrow hit the ground.

Kairi: Circle button pressed successfully!

That caused a surge of air to come at them throwing them all back. Yakumo started to get up only to have a kick delivered to her side.

Riku: It was the arrow again. It's a persistant little guy.

Yakumo rolled a little but then quickly got to her feet. She saw a girl her age standing nearby but something was different about her. She wore a green spaghetti strap shirt, blue jean shorts, and white shoes with black stripes. She had short black hair and green eyes.

Sora: Shego: The Awkward Years.
Demyx: Yuck, green and blue?
Riku: Even Radiant Garden can't escape pre-teen fashions.
Kairi: I'm sensing another bingo game on the horizon.

"Hey who are you?" Yakumo asked.

"I'm Mist and before you ask I'm the princess of the Dark Kingdom."

All: YAY! *fresh bingo cards are distributed*

Yakumo looked surprised and asked, "So you're from my world?"

Mist nodded and laughed, "And I am much stronger than you are."

Bingo cards: *markered*

"We'll see about that." Yakumo said charging.

Mist launched a gust of wind at Yakumo making her slide back. Yakumo got ready to fight again but Mist sighed.

"You're not worth the time." Mist said as she disappeared.

"Who was that?" Sora asked walking over.

Sora: (as self) I was in the NoPlotAllowed District fighting Heartless so I missed all of what happened in the last five paragraphs.

"Someone from the other side of my world."

They looked confused so Yakumo explained, "My world has two Kingdoms. A Kingdom of Light and a Kingdom of Darkness."

Kairi: So do we have a Hyrule and Lorule thing going on?

"So you came from the Kingdom of Light while this Mist girl came from the Kingdom of Darkness." Riku said.

Riku: I remained in the plot district.
Demyx: And did the smart decision of sitting back and letting Evil Sue try to kill Original Sue.

Voiceover: Then Leon shows up to discuss training,

Yakumo nodded and continued her training. Leon taught her how to do a dodge roll, how to break an opponent's defense, and how to protect her own. Yakumo also continued her spell training with Merlin learning how to counter an opponent's spell no matter the element. Merlin even taught her how to use Reflect and Cure.

Sora: *upset* She learned to do all that in one day? Even more unfair!

The sun was setting and Yakumo said, "Whew what a workout."

Kairi: (as Yakumo) Learning to be perfect in every way sure is exhausting.

"You'll get use to it. You'll have to if you want to fight against stronger Heartless." Leon said.

"Don't worry I will. And next time we meet Mist she's going down." Yakumo said.

Leon just smiled and nodded.

Demyx: (as Leon) Whatever helps you sleep at night, kiddo.

Sora told Yakumo they would spend the night in the Gummi Ship.

Sora: I made a comment about Aerith's different voice and she exiled me from her house. Sorry guys.
Kairi: So that's why none of our friends invited us for sleepovers.

When Yakumo sat down on one of the beds, she felt something in her pocket. She stood up, reached in, and pulled out a Tinker Bell Necklace.

Demyx: Are those like dried out seahorses?
Sora: *horrified*

It had a note attached to it so Yakumo took it off. It read:

Dear Yakumo this necklace was given to us by Vanessa to give to you. The necklace will help you control your goddess form so use it wisely.

Yakumo sighed slightly, put the necklace on, laid down on the bed, and went to sleep.

Riku: (as Yakumo) I'll crush it in my sleep, that counts as using it wisely right?

Voiceover: The next morning they're off to Ansem's Study to research Heartless. They meet Cloud along the way.

They continued and, like Cloud said, they had to fight off more Heartless. But it was easy and they got to the Study in no time. Sora put his hand on the handle, pushed, but it was locked.

"What? Locked? It's never locked." Sora said.

"We can always open it." Riku said ready to summon his Keyblade.

Riku: Hey, look, canon!

"Wait let me." Yakumo said walking over to the door.

Riku: Hey, look, derailment!

Yakumo pointed one of her fingers at the keyhole and suddenly a white lighting went into the keyhole. They heard the lock click and Yakumo pushed the door open.

All: *look at each other*
Demyx: Can any of you figure out a funny way to point out she has the power of the Keyblade inside her finger?
Riku: I'm still stuck on her upstaging me.
Sora: This session is gonna hurt, isn't it?

"How?" Sora asked.

Yakumo smiled and enter the room, "It's a spell I learned in my home world. The spell only works on small locks."

Kairi: (as Yakumo) I only know simple spells... except that one lock picking spell that I've known for some time.

Voiceover: Books!

"Hey….uummm…..who's that?" Yakumo asked carefully.

Sora looked up from his book and said, "Oh that's Xehanort. He was the apprentice to Ansem the Wise before he turned Heartless. Actually he's the one who started this whole mess."

Demyx: He wrote this fic?

Yakumo sighed slightly and Kairi asked if something was wrong.

Kairi: Yakumo is unhappy! Everyone, drop your work and begin the emergency procedure!

Yakumo told her there wasn't and went back to the book. They continued going through book after book until Leon came and told them that it was getting late. They put everything back and went out of the room. Leon locked the door behind them and Sora asked why.

"There's a lot of important information in there Sora. We don't want anyone getting their hands on it." Leon said before walking away.

Sora: (as self) *stage whisper* Think we should tell him that there's a girl who could easily open the lock and steal everything inside?
Kairi: (as self) *stage whisper* Naw, that would be silly.

They followed and went to the Gummi Ship for some sleep.

Riku: I made a joke about Yuffie not being a real ninja. She literally kicked me out of her house.

That night Yakumo quietly got out of bed, grabbed one of the maps, and quietly left the ship.

Sora: Quietly, in case anyone forgot.

Outside Yakumo opened the map to reveal the way to Ansem's Study. There was something important she needed to find out but she didn't want her friends to find out.

Kairi: She can't trust those friends that have gone out of their way to prove to her how trustworthy they are.
Demyx: Friends are overrated. Petty drama will last forever.

Yakumo went off making sure that no one was following her. She went passed a sleeping Cloud making sure he was asleep. But after she had left, Cloud opened his eyes and watched her go.

"Now what is she up to?" Cloud asked himself.

Riku: (as Cloud) Now why am I talking out loud to myself?

Voiceover: One close fireball later...

He stayed at the corner and watched as Yakumo undo the lock and entered the room.

Sora: Then he snuck up behind her and caught her for breaking-and-entering.
Kairi: Oh, you and your adorable common sense.

Cloud quietly went over to the door and looked into the keyhole. Yakumo was standing in front of the Xehanort's picture looking at it.

"No it couldn't have been you." Yakumo said quietly.

Everyone: *markers hovering*
Sora: I don’t know where this is going but it’s going somewhere.

This confused Cloud wondering what Yakumo was talking about. Yakumo looked back to the door, Cloud thought that she had seen him, but then she turned around.

Demyx: (as Yakumo) Le'see, what's some more vague hints I can drop? I can't let them know the truth, so it's finally come to this, what's wrong IT'S NOTHING!

Yakumo went down the hall that led to Tron's Computer. When she disappeared down the hall, Cloud entered the room and went down the hall. He looked into the computer room but didn't see anyone.

"What the? Where is she?" Cloud asked quietly.

Kairi: (as Cloud) What the? Why am I still talking to myself?

Cloud entered the room but didn't know that Yakumo was in the room. Yakumo dropped down from above the door startling Cloud slightly.

Riku: Did she get bitten by a radioactive spider? How the heck did she stay up there so long?

"I knew it. I knew someone followed me." Yakumo shouted.

Sora: (as Yakumo) I probably should have stopped sneaking around all suspiciously when I realized that because I could get in big trouble over this, but I KNEW!

"How did?" Cloud asked.

Yakumo pointed up and Cloud face palmed.

Demyx: Let us join you, buddy.
All: *facepalm*

"Why did you follow me?" Yakumo asked.

Riku: Because he barely knows you, you snuck off in the middle of the night, you've been attacked before by a girl that's possibly in control of Heartless, and you're currently standing in one of the most important rooms we have that you've been told is off limits?

"Because you were acting like you were hiding something." Cloud explained.

Riku: That too.

Yakumo looked away for a moment before asking, "How much did you hear?"

Sora: (as Cloud) Just some cryptic foreshadowing, it's no big deal.

Voiceover: Cloud is still confused as they head back to the Gummi Ship and into Part Two.

"There you are Yakumo. Where were you?" Sora asked.

Yakumo thought quickly and answered, "Just taking a look around Radiant Garden."

Kairi: (as Yakumo) It's really pretty at night when you can't see anything.

Riku saw the map in her hands and asked, "So why did you take the map?"

Sora: (as Yakumo) So he would remind me where I'm going.
Demyx: *singing* Come on, vamanos! Everybody, let's go! Come on, let's get to it, I know that we can do it! Where are we going?
Destiny Trio: *cheering* Trespassing!

"So I would be able to find my way back to the Ship without getting lost." Yakumo said in a matter of fact way.

Sora noticed Cloud and asked, "Why was Cloud with you?"

"Because He followed me.

Kairi: Well, it's nice to know you're a believer, but that doesn't explain why Cloud's with you.

Cloud thought I was hiding something when I was just walking around." Yakumo said handing the map to Riku.

"Well whatever the reason is, the fact is you're late. Now come on let's continue your training." Leon said.

Riku: (as Cloud) Hey, Leon, I have to tell you that Yakumo was in—
Demyx: (as Leon) *plugs ears* La la la la la not listening to a bad word against her la la la la la!

Voiceover: Training and then Cloud goes off to be attacked by a mysterious something.

Meanwhile Yakumo was taking a short break after the rough training. Then an arrow shot at her but she grabbed it before it hit.

Sora: What?! None of us can do that! Now this is REALLY unfair!
Demyx: I don't think even Luxord could do that, and he controls time!

Yakumo looked up and saw Mist sitting on a nearby building.

Kairi: (as Mist) It took me two hours to climb up here but, darn, wasn't it worth it so I could look impressive.

"Looks like you've gotten better over the last few days but you're still not strong enough to beat what I made." Mist said smiling evilly.

Kairi: With a bit of eyeing her evilly as a bonus.

Yakumo got up and asked, "What do you mean Mist?"

"Wow you even remember my name.

Riku: It's not exactly long.

Let's just say that I have a little surprise in store for you and Cloud." Mist said before she waved her hand.

Sora: That doesn’t have a bow or quiver in it so where did that arrow come from in the first place?

The darkness appeared nearby and started to take a shape.

Kairi: Of a Kinder Surprise Egg?

Sora recognized the shape

Sora: After I popped into existence two seconds ago.
Riku: I was wondering why you hadn't said anything about someone attacking your friend. You get a bit snippy when that happens.

Voiceover: Guess what the shape is!

"Sephiroth." Sora said.

All: *GASP*
Demyx: What a twist!

Yakumo was confused and Sora explained, "Sephiroth is the dark side of Cloud's heart. He was always after him to try and get Cloud to accept the darkness."

Destiny Trio: *enjoys the moment*
Demyx: What's up with you?
Kairi: There are only so many alternate universes a person can take before they all taste the same. We savor these moments of game references like a fine wine.

Voiceover: Sephiroth attacks!

"I don't think this one is the real one. This one is made of darkness." Yakumo said.

Riku: (as Yakumo) I'm already an expert on the subject, of course.

Yakumo looked up when she heard Mist clapping, "Very good Yakumo. You're right. This Sephiroth is nothing but a fake. But I doubt you'll be able to defeat him."

Demyx: *studying bingo card* Does the Sue actually have to be related to Sephiroth or does just having Sephiroth there count?
Kairi: Sephiroth always counts as a bingo square.
Demyx: *markers*

Yakumo smiled and said, "We'll see about that."

Suddenly a barrier came around Yakumo and Shadow Sephiroth locking her friends out.

Sora: Haven't we been already?
Kairi: Now you know what it was like for Riku and I in the World That Never Was.

Yakumo got out of the way of another attack but Shadow Sephiroth kept coming. Yakumo blocked the moves before attacking with her own. Her sword cut deep into Shadow Sephiroth but the wound healed right up.

Demyx: No you fool! You have the Black Fire sword equipped! It heals dark elemental enemies! Switch to the Holy Flames sword!

"Ok this might be harder than I thought." Yakumo said to herself.

Riku: (as Yakumo) Oh no, a challenge! Most Sues never have to deal with those!

She blocked another attack but then got slashed in the arm. Yakumo got back up and noticed the wound was deep.

Kairi: (as Yakumo) It's just a deep gash in my arm, it's okay, those aren't important to sword fighting.

She barely dodged the next attack only to get kicked in the stomach. Yakumo rose to her feet and got ready. Shadow Sephiroth charged at her but Yakumo remember everything she had learned from Leon and Merlin.

Riku: She'd had amnesia for the past minute or so.

She wait until Shadow Sephiroth was close and then dodged.

Demyx: Only to get kicked in the stomach again.

Then she quickly casted a Fire Spell hitting Shadow Sephiroth. He fell back a little but Yakumo wasn't done. She quickly fired two more Fire Spells damaging him. He wounds started to heal but Yakumo rushed over and stabbed her sword into one of the side wounds. Then Yakumo turned the blade and slashed it up to his chest.

Shadow Sephiroth cried out before stumbling back trying to heal.

Sora: (as Shadow Sephiroth) Curses, why did I forget to equip the Leaf Bracer ability!

Yakumo wasn't going to let him so she quickly got behind him and stabbed him in the back.

Kairi: (as Shadow Sephiroth) Et tu, Suè?

Shadow Sephiroth couldn't take any more damage and then it faded away. The barrier came down and Yakumo's friends came over. Kairi healed the wounds Yakumo had gotten and then they looked at Mist.

Riku: Who had no barrier around her, which begs the question on why we weren't dealing with her while Yakumo was busy.
Demyx: You were too busy cheering Shadow Sephy on.

"Looks like I made that one too weak. Oh well. I wonder how the other one is doing. It should be almost over by now." Mist said as she disappeared.

"Wait!" Yakumo shouted but Mist was gone.

"What did she mean by the other one?" Sora asked.

Yakumo thought for a moment and said, "Oh no! Cloud!"

Sora: Cloud and Mist! It's theme naming! He's DOOMED!

Yakumo ran off and her friends followed her. Yakumo knew they needed to find Cloud in case he needed help. Finally they found him fighting off another Shadow Sephiroth. But the battle wasn't going good for Cloud.

Demyx: He’s not Yakumo, therefore he’s not awesome.

They rushed forward, Shadow Sephiroth saw them, put the barrier up, but Yakumo was able to jump in before it went up.

"Stay out of this!" Cloud shouted.

Kairi: If Shadow Sephy’s barrier couldn’t do that, shouting at her isn’t going to make much difference.

Voiceover: Some more fighting is had.

Shadow Sephiroth attacked hitting them again. Then Cloud attacked but missed so Yakumo quickly got behind him and attacked him. That attack hit and gave Yakumo an idea. Yakumo leapt out of the way as did Cloud.

"Cloud I have an idea. If we attack from two different angles instead of both head on, we might be able to hit him."

"How do you know that?" Cloud asked getting ready.

Destiny Trio: *speechless*
Riku: We can't make any more Mary Sue comments now. How could we ever top that?

"Didn't you see what happened? Your attack missed but my attack hit. So I'm thinking if we get him confused we should get in a hit. Worth a shot?" Yakumo said looking at Cloud.

"Worth a shot." Cloud replied.

Kairi: The fic’s protagonist came up with the idea so it has no choice but to work.

Yakumo and Cloud rushed forward and Shadow Sephiroth was ready. That was until they both disappeared.

Demyx: What? How the heck did they just vanish? That wasn’t in the plan.
Sora: Yakumo used her trespassing magic to steal some invisibility potions maybe.

Shadow Sephiroth waited and blocked an attack only to get hit by another one. Shadow Sephiroth tried to get the person who attacked him but he missed and was attacked again. Suddenly fire exploded around him followed by a slash to the chest. Shadow Sephiroth stumbled back as Yakumo and Cloud reappeared. Shadow Sephiroth tried an attack but they disappeared again.

But this time Shadow Sephiroth blasted out dark energy hitting both Yakumo and Cloud. Yakumo groaned and slowly sat up. Then Yakumo noticed that Shadow Sephiroth still had all of the wounds they had delivered.

"Cloud you alright?" Yakumo asked as she heard Cloud groan.

Cloud slowly sat up and said weakly, "Barely….

Demyx: Yakumo is really killing all of Cloud's Man Points right now.
Kairi: (as Yakumo) Hey, Cloud, how ya doin'?
Riku: (as Cloud) Within two inches of my life right now.
Kairi: (as Yakumo) Really? I feel fresh as a daisy, I could run a marathon after we're done of this.

now what?"

"I'm not sure." Yakumo said as Shadow Sephiroth walked towards them.

Yakumo needed to figure out what to do to stop him.

Sora: Deus ex machina time?

'Yakumo you have to use your form to beat him.' Said Vanessa.

Kairi: Ah, a quite literal deus ex machina.

'Are you sure Vanessa? Can I use it when I'm hurt?' Yakumo thought.

Sora: Wouldn't it make sense to use the goddess form when you're hurt, therefore it's a last resort?
Riku: It's like a D-Link, activating it restores your health to full.

Vanessa nodded and said, 'You have to use it. If you don't you two might not survive this battle.'

'Alright if you say so.' Yakumo thought.

Yakumo forced herself to stand up and started to focus. Yakumo started to glow white making Shadow Sephiroth back off a little. Then the white light surrounded Yakumo and when it faded Yakumo stood there in her goddess form.

Kairi: I have to question why she didn't do that before if it was so easy all along.

"Yakumo?" Cloud asked.

Demyx: (as Cloud) Why do you look so ridiculous?

Yakumo nodded and looked at Shadow Sephiroth. Shadow Sephiroth attacked, Yakumo grabbed Cloud,

Riku: And threw him at Sephiroth.

and got out of the way. Yakumo set Cloud down so he could rest and turned back to Shadow Sephiroth.

"Let me handle this Cloud. You rest for a bit." Yakumo said glancing at Cloud.

"Guess I don't have much of a choice." Cloud said nodding.

Demyx: (as Cloud) Friggin' wish fulfillment characters takin' my spotlight.

Yakumo smiled and attacked. Shadow Sephiroth tried to dodge but Yakumo changed course and hit him. Shadow Sephiroth slashed at Yakumo but she ducked. Then she punched Shadow Sephiroth hard hitting him into the air.

Sora: (a la Captain Falcon) Fairy PUNCH!

Yakumo used her wings to fly in front of Shadow Sephiroth and kick him back down to the ground.

Shadow Sephiroth crashed hard into the ground and tried to get up. Yakumo rushed down and stabbed Shadow Sephiroth in the stomach before he could.

Demyx: It's like the ending to Twilight Princess only sucky.

Shadow Sephiroth cried out and disappeared. Yakumo sighed glad that he was finally gone. But the barrier didn't go down.

"Huh?" Yakumo asked confused.

Riku: Because I usually say "Huh?" when I knew perfectly well what's going on.

Suddenly the ground started to break open and Shadow Sephiroth kicked Yakumo.

Demyx: Whoo! Great tactic, Sephy!

Yakumo went flying back but she flipped midair and landed on her feet. Yakumo stood up and looked at Shadow Sephiroth. He was still wounded but some of the wounds were gone.

Yakumo sighed and said, "Man what's it going to take to beat this guy?"

Kairi: I’d make a joke about how long this is taking but… Well, that’s what Sephiroth does in fights.

Shadow Sephiroth attacked and Yakumo got out of the way. But he quickly attacked again causing his blade to cut her side. Yakumo slashed at him but missed. Shadow Sephiroth punched Yakumo as hard as he could in the head. Yakumo was sent flying back and slammed into the wall. Yakumo slid to the ground and sat there.

"No Yakumo!" Cloud shouted.

Demyx: (as Cloud) No! The most important person in the universe is harmed, how could this be?!

Yakumo weakly shook her head and lifted her head. Blood was running down her face and coming from her lip. Yakumo slowly stood up and felt dizzy. Yakumo figured she had a concussion after that hit.

'Great now what?' Yakumo thought hoping Vanessa would hear.

Vanessa did hear and said, 'Use the power of light.'

'Power of light?' Yakumo asked.

Vanessa nodded

Sora: ...inside her thoughts?

and answered, 'That thing is made of pure darkness. The light will be able to defeat it.'

Demyx: (as Vanessa) I could have told you that five minutes ago, but that would take away all the fun.
Riku: A deus ex machina within a deus ex machina.
Kairi: It's like Inception but with literary terms.

'How do I do that?' Yakumo thought.

'Just focus your power like you do when you use your fire spells. You will be able to unleash the power of light.' Vanessa explained.

"If you say so." Yakumo said quietly.

Kairi: Again, I must ask why she didn't do this before if it's so easy.
Demyx: Vanessa has a sadistic side to her.

Yakumo faced Shadow Sephiroth and focused her power. Yakumo started to glow again and she held out her hand. Then a beam of light came from her hand and hit Shadow Sephiroth.


Shadow Sephiroth stumbled back and tried another attack. Yakumo grabbed the blade stopping it. Shadow Sephiroth tried to pull away but couldn't.

Yakumo twisted her waists causing the blade to snap into two pieces.

Kairi: The power of daily sit-ups.

Voiceover: One more light beam finishes the Shadow off for good.

Aerith went over to help Cloud and Kairi went to Yakumo. Yakumo had reverted back to her normal form very low on power.

Demyx: Better plug in her charger.

Mist looked at the battle field and sighed, "Darn it. That pest is getting in my way."

Sora: How? You're the one that's constantly going out seeking her while Yakumo just trains.

Mist looked to the side and saw a faded figure next to her. It was a woman wearing a pure black dress and black shoes. She had on black armor on, a gold tetra with a black gem in the center, and a black bow in her right hand. The woman had long dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.

The woman sighed and said, "The only reason that brat won is because Vanessa was helping her through the fight."

Mist nodded and said, "That's true. So what now Hekate?"

Riku: So Mist has a true documented goddess on her side while Yakumo just has ‘Vanessa’. I think the odds are in Mist’s favour here.

Hekate looked as Yakumo stood up and said, "Nothing for now. We need to get you adapted to the power of darkness."

Demyx: Gotta fill you with it.

Mist sighed and said, "What about her powers?"

"Vanessa and Yakumo have no clue that you and I are working together so we'll just have to kill them." Hekate smiled evilly.

Kairi: That’s a straightforward plan from the goddess of necromancy.
Riku: Hecate also helped Demeter in the search for her daughter and is sometimes associated with childbirth, but whatever. She’s connected to witches therefore she’s eeevil.

Hekate disappeared and Mist looked back at the field. Yakumo had enough strength to walk and it looked like Cloud was going to be ok.

"You may have won this round Yakumo but believe me you won't win again." Mist said before turning away.

Sora: Oookay, there, Dr. Claw.

Mist disappeared and Yakumo looked around. Yakumo thought she had felt something but then she thought it was just her nerves messing with her.

Riku: Or your injuries. You took quite a beating there.
Kairi: Pretty rare for these fics, actually. Even as a Sue she’s better than most characters we’ve mocked.

Everyone helped Yakumo and Cloud back to Merlin's House so they could rest. By the next day Yakumo had her strength back even though some of her wounds were still there.

Cloud still needed time to heal but he would be ok.

Demyx: His pride, however, would never recover.
Kairi: I also never expected you to be the type to make sexist jokes.
Demyx: What part of "Organization member" don’t you people get? I’m not nice!

Voiceover: Our heroes prepare to leave but wonder about turning Rukia into a Summon.

Yakumo looked at Rukia and asked, "Well what do you think Rukia?"

Rukia nodded and answered, "Merlin may have a point. It might be better if I was a Summon Charm. That way you could use me in battle when you needed me."

"Merlin can you turn Rukia into a Summon Charm?" Yakumo asked.

"Of course I can Yakumo. It wouldn't be a problem. Now hold still you two." Merlin explained.

Sora: (as Merlin) *sucks in breath* Oooooh. Uh, e-everything's fine. That eyeball on your forehead is just a temporary side effect, nothing to worry about.

Merlin waved his hand and Rukia began to glow. Then Rukia turned into an orb and went to Yakumo's wrist. The orb began to change forming into a bracelet. The bracelet had a head of a fox and on the sides were fox tails that wrapped around Yakumo's wrist. The bracelet stopped glowing and Yakumo looked at it.

Demyx: (as Yakumo) Kinda tacky, but it’ll do.

"Now all you need to do is focus your light into the charm and call out for Rukia to aid you." Merlin explained.

Yakumo smiled and said, "Thank you Merlin."

Kairi: (as Yakumo) Thank you for turning a living creature into an inanimate object.
Riku: (as Rukia) I was tired of breathing anyhow.

Then bracelet started to glow again and Sora knew what to do. A giant lock appeared in the sky and Sora shot a beam of light from the Keyblade. The beam went into the lock and they heard a click. Then the lock disappeared and the bracelet stopped glowing.

"What was that?" Yakumo asked.

Sora: Canon! Isn't it awesome?!

Sora put away the Keyblade and said, "That means that it's time for us to go. Other worlds are calling for our help."

Yakumo thanked them for their help and they said good bye. Sora and the others went into the Gummi Ship and took off.

Inside the Gummi Ship:

Riku: (as self) We're here.

Yakumo looked at the charm Merlin had made and said, "Merlin really is a great wizard isn't he?"

Sora nodded and said, "Yeah he knows a lot and has a lot of power."

Demyx: (as Sora) But he tends to get real mad at you once you become a squire and farts off to Bermuda for the rest of the movie.
Sora: Maybe that bit makes more sense in the book?

Yakumo smiled and thought 'I wonder if I should tell them?' Yakumo decided against telling them at least for now. Yakumo needed to find the right time to tell them what she knew.

Kairi: Boy howdy, a cliffhanger! Sure puts me in the mood for a break, right everyone?
Voiceover: The moogle warned me about you.

[to be continued...]
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